Selecting the Perfect Bouquet for Every Season in Australia

Bouquets by Season – Choosing The Right Flowers

Australia is blessed with a unique and diverse flora landscape that blooms and transforms as the seasons change. This cyclical rhythm creates an ever-changing palette of hues, scents, and textures.

At, we understand the beauty of the seasons, and we curate exquisite bouquets that reflect their distinct splendour. Our seasonal selection enables you to enjoy the beauty of the Australian environment, regardless of where you are.

As the calendar shifts from the balmy days of summer to the mild serenity of autumn, the delicate tones of our flowers mirror the changing landscape. We’ve crafted a guide to help you select the perfect bouquet, by season, that will bring a piece of Australia’s natural grandeur to your home, event, or the heart of a loved one.


Summer Bouquets (December – February)

In the Australian summer, we bask in the bright colours and fragrant blooms. Our summer bouquets feature lively hues, mirroring the energetic landscape. Sunflowers are a popular choice with their sunny disposition and hardiness to withstand the summer heat.

Native flora like the vibrant Bottlebrush and the robust Banksia also bloom in summer, offering unique, exotic arrangements that are authentically Australian. A bouquet of mixed Australian natives can be a beautiful, long-lasting gift that survives the summer heat well

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Autumn Flowers (March – May)

As summer mellows into autumn, our bouquets reflect the earthy tones of the Australian bush. We feature dahlias, which come in a stunning array of colours, from burnt orange to deep burgundy, mirroring the leaves as they begin to change. Autumn is also the season for chrysanthemums, available in a variety of shades and types. A stunning autumn bouquet could also feature the exquisite Waratah, an emblematic Australian flower that flourishes during this season, its striking red colour a testament to its resilience.

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Winter Blooms (June – August)

During winter, our bouquets embrace the quiet beauty of the season. Winter flowering natives like the Wattle, with its bright yellow blooms, become a beacon of hope amidst the grey. The Hakea, another native winter bloomer, offers intricate textures with its needle-like flowers. Camellias, with their lush, glossy leaves and large, romantic blooms, also take centre stage in our winter arrangements. These flowers lend a warmth and elegance to any bouquet, providing a beautiful sentiment during the colder months.

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Spring Flower Bouquets (September – November)

Spring in Australia brings an explosion of colour as flowers awaken from their winter slumber. We favour the bright, beautiful blooms of tulips and daffodils, bringing a sense of renewal and freshness. This is also the perfect season for wildflowers, as Australia’s native bush bursts into life. Spring bouquets can feature iconic flowers like the golden Wattle, or the delicate Kangaroo Paw, with its intriguing shape and vibrant colours.

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At, our mission is to encapsulate the spirit of each season in our bouquets. Whether you’re seeking the bright, sunny disposition of a summer arrangement, the earthy tones of autumn, the quiet elegance of winter, or the rejuvenating colours of spring, we have the perfect selection for you. Our expertly crafted bouquets, made with the freshest, locally sourced flowers, allow you to savour the seasons, one bloom at a time.

Embrace the seasons with Celebrate the wonder of Australia’s natural beauty with a seasonal bouquet that not only decorates your space but also tells a story of time, transformation, and enduring beauty.