Choosing a Symbolic Bouquet: A Complete Flower Guide

The Symbolism of Popular Flowers

Flower bouquets, enduring tokens of a variety of sentiments, come in myriad arrangements. Some flowers have earned a special place in this world owing to their natural allure, spectrum of colours, and especially, the profound meanings they express. Let’s dive into the world of the most cherished flowers found in bouquets and decode their intriguing symbolism.



The Emblem of Love – The Rose, always romantic and traditional, is the uncontested star of bouquets. Every colour represents a distinct aspect of affection: red symbolises love and respect, pink suggests happiness and gratitude, yellow indicates friendship, and white stands for innocence and purity.

It’s the broad palette of colours that has sustained the rose’s popularity in bouquets, enabling it to communicate a wide range of emotions.




Denoting Loyalty and Respect Lilies, famed for their dramatic, trumpet-like flowers and enchanting fragrance, are a popular choice for bouquets. Their pure elegance pairs with profound symbolism, often representing loyalty, respect, and purity of heart.

Notably, white lilies, signifying the bride’s innocence and purity, are a traditional favourite for wedding ceremonies.

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Signifying Perfect Love Known for their vibrant, cup-shaped flowers and simplicity, tulips carry a unique message with each colour: red stands for true love, purple represents royalty, and yellow conveys cheerful thoughts.

Like roses, tulips have a longstanding connection with love, making them a much-loved choice for romantic bouquets.

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Gerbera Daisies

Symbols of Joy and Purity Gerbera daisies, celebrated for their large, vivid blooms, add a lively and joyful element to any bouquet. These radiant flowers signify purity, innocence, and cheerfulness.

Their vast array of colours, from bright reds and pinks to gentle yellows and whites, each express a distinct sentiment, making them a popular choice.

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Personifying Beauty and Strength Orchids, renowned for their delicate, exotic beauty, lend a unique charm to bouquets. They’re often symbolised as beauty, strength, and love.

For instance, the favoured Phalaenopsis orchid represents elegance and beauty, while the Cymbidium orchid stands for strength and nobility. With their complex shapes and vibrant hues, orchids are a captivating addition to any bouquet.

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Expressing Love and Admiration Carnations, with their frilled appearance and sweet scent, have a special place in bouquet arrangements. These flowers are generally associated with love and fascination.

Each colour denotes a unique sentiment, with red symbolising deep love and admiration, white indicating pure love and good fortune, and pink representing a mother’s enduring love, making them a popular choice for Mother’s Day bouquets.

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Signifying Positivity and Happiness Chrysanthemums, or ‘mums’ as they are commonly known, are traditional bouquet flowers radiating positivity and happiness.

While in some cultures they symbolise death and are used in funerals or for graves, in most Western cultures, they embody cheerfulness and love, with different colours expressing different messages.

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Conveying Admiration and Long Life Sunflowers, known for their open faces and bright yellow petals, bring a ray of sunshine to any bouquet. They are often linked with warmth, admiration, and longevity.

As such, they are a favourite choice for summer bouquets, contributing a vibrant and cheerful touch that is irresistible.

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Choosing the Perfect Bouquet

Each flower carries a story, a sentiment. The charm of a bouquet is not just in its visual beauty but also in the rich web of meanings that it comprises. Whether you’re marking a birthday, declaring love, or simply spreading joy, the right flowers can transform a simple gesture into a profound message. Visit to explore our extensive selection and make your bouquet truly extraordinary.